03 Jan 2018

Hurricane Irma left a path of unimaginable roofing damage in her wake. Charitable individuals and organizations have done much to help hurricane victims get their life back on track. The work of these individuals should be applauded.

Unfortunately, hurricanes and the damage they cause are a magnet for roofing scam artists looking to make a quick buck off the misery of others. These fly-by-night roofing companies come into a town after a storm, perform subpar work, inflate their prices, and defraud suffering people of their insurance benefits.

Don’t let this happen to you. Only trust your roofing repair needs to companies like Certified Roofers that have been serving the Tampa area for decades. We have been here for years serving our community in the wake of storms. We are trustworthy, hard-working, and a permanent part of the community. We are not going anywhere.

Avoid Signing Assignment of Benefit Documents

One of the scams some roofers use is to trick homeowners into signing an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) document before working on their roof. There is never a need for you to sign one of these documents. If you sign in AOB, you are basically signing over the rights of your insurance policy to your roofing company.

Now, you might ask, what is the problem with this if my insurance company was going to pay the roofing company anyway? Think about the following scenario. Your insurance company comes and assesses the damage of your roof at $18,000. A roofing company arrives and says that they can repair your roof for $15,000. However, you first have to sign an AOB.

Your insurance company, in harmony with the AOB that you signed, gives the roofing company a check for $18,000. You are out three grand, and the roofing company has made a stellar profit that they did not work for. Conversely, if your insurance company had paid you directly, you could in turn pay your roofer the $15,000 they are owed for the work they did, and you will be left with $3,000 to put toward other repairs or things that you need.

Do not sign any document given to you by a contractor without first talking to your insurance company and understanding your insurance policy. Honest, trustworthy contractors like those you will find at Certified Roofers will never require you to sign in AOB before initiating storm-related repairs.

Paying for Repairs Upfront

Another scam that unscrupulous individuals use  is requiring upfront payments for roof repairs. The contractor will say that they need a large percentage of the payment upfront in order to purchase supplies and equipment. Unfortunately, some have paid a fly-by-night contractor up front only to have the contractor and their company disappear.

Certified Roofers is staffed by long-term Florida residents. Our company has a history that spans three generations. We are no fly-by-night institution that is going to disappear with your money. We have a physical address that allows you to hold us accountable for the work that is done.

At Certified Roofers, we are proud to offer Tampa, Florida residents reliable roofing at a price you can afford. Contact us for a FREE, no obligation roof inspection. Call us at: (813) 643-8333.

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