28 Feb 2015

Regularly inspecting your roof is part of what it means to be a responsible homeowner. Inspecting your roof regularly will allow you to catch problems before they happen. There are some roofing issues that may go unseen to the naked eye. For this reason, we recommend periodically scheduling a professional roofer to inspect your roof. At Certified Roofers, we are proud to offer Tampa, residents free roof inspections and repair estimates.

You can schedule your roofing inspection with us by calling: (813) 643-8333 or by filling out the online submission form in our “Contact Us” page. We strive to respond promptly to our requests for inspections.

The Inspection

If you have a particular roofing issue you want us to address, we will usually start there. Most roof inspections can take place without the homeowner being home. During the inspection, the different systems that make up your roof will be inspected for damage and stability. While some roofing issues may be visible from the ground, most inspections require our technicians to actually go up on to your roof to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Certified Roofers will check your chimneys, gutters, valleys, vents, flashings, and all of your roofing material. Our meticulous system for checking ensures that we can identify any issues your roof may have.

After the Inspection

Your roof may not need any maintenance at the time of inspection. However, if there any issues, our inspectors will take detailed notes. They will use these notes to build a fair and affordable estimate that would include the price of materials and labor.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers detailed inspection reports that are easy to understand. They include a complete breakdown of the parts and materials needed as well as the cost of labor and warranties. Although we only use the high-quality materials for our projects, we will offer you materials ranging from high quality to exceptional quality. This allows you the ability to have the work performed at a price that is affordable for you.

We will give you some time to review the estimate we provide. Any questions that you have about the inspection or our estimate will be happily answered by our technicians. We want you to understand the best options available to help keep your roof in its best shape.

Our professional roofing technicians will provide you with a detailed description of the condition of your roof. We will lay out exactly what needs to be done to repair your roof and give you a fair and affordable estimate.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof, call us and receive a free, no obligation roof estimate. If you live in the Tampa area, call us at: (813) 643-8333. Or fill out our online form from our “Contact Us” page.


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